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Problem While Restoring BKF File

Are you encountering error message while restoring or opening your BKF file? If the answer is 'Yes', then there is a probability that your BKF file is corrupted or damaged. Wondering, how your BKF file can get corrupt? Here are some common reasons – header damage, improper system shutdown, virus attack, and application malfunction. Like any other file, a BKF file after corruption can not be accessed. However, if you want to access the data saved in a BKF file, then you will need to opt for an updated backup of the BKF file, which in most cases does not exists. For such situations, you will need to search for an effective third-party BKF recovery software to repair a BKF file.

Consider a practical case, where you create a BKF file on your Windows XP machine. You transfer that file to another system so as to format your Windows XP computer. However, when the formatting is complete and you try to restore the BKF file, you encounter the below error message:
"NTbackup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used"

The same error message pops up if you try to restore the file on any other computer. After the above error message appears, the BKF file becomes unreadable.
The fundamental reason behind the above error message is corruption of BKF file. Corruption can occur due to:
1.BKF file being broken owing to insufficient storage on the computer.
2.The computer was virus-infected.
To get past the above error message and to access you BKF file, you need to:
1.Restore BKF file from another backup.
2.If no such backup exists, then use a third-party repair BKF file application to repair the corrupted BKF file.

Such BKF File Repair tools use intensive repairing algorithms to repair BKF file after any logical crash. These commercial tools are easy-to-install, and understand. Such utilities do not harm the original BKF file and perform repair without modifying or overwriting the original file.