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Ponies for Sale

There is a very adverse range of ponies for sale which can be somewhat overwhelming if you are looking for the perfect pony. A pony ought to be matched to the jockey's capabilities as ponies have a tendency to misbehave as they are well aware that little jockeys are not strong enough to control them and they take advance of this. Research is therefore imperative to find out about the ponies' breeding as this could give a better idea of the ponies' behavioural tendencies, how the pony needs to be kept and if they have a history to be prone to anything. For example Welsh section D's are renowned for being tough and can live out all year round which would be far more economical than keeping a pony stabled. Welsh ponies have had great success in the show ring as well great reputations as pony club delights that carry children through the progressive stages of horsemanship. Always research the ponies' breeding, which may be tricky as ponies are often cross bred but if in doubt get a second opinion to try and gage what sort of potential qualities or miss fortunes that they could be prone to.

Prices for ponies range tremendously and can often be miss interpreted as can be seriously under or over priced. For example a pony with fantastic bloodlines at a good age would not necessarily be priced low because there is a bargain to be had. Often this would be because there is a problem, possible behavioural problems or could be prone to lameness. On the other hand some ponies are too over priced yet dealers are aware that many un knowledgeable parents want the perfect pony for their child and are prepared to pay good money for what they perceive as the perfect pony.

What you intend to use the pony for will determine the type of pony you go for. There are so many different types it is vital that the type is suited to the jockey's experience, capabilities and intentions. A novice jockey would not be as well suited to a youngster as they would be to a golden oldie that has been there and done it. There is always the dilemma that the pony may not be as easy to resell in a few years because of its age however this shouldn't outweigh what the pony would teach a little jockey in a few years. A ponies' character is key to whether you believe a successful partnership can be created between jockey and pony. If a pony is willing and acceptant then often the partnership will flourish, although naughty ponies loose the trust of their jockeys who then loose interest. It is therefore worth choosing a pony not just on its ability but their temperament too.

With such vast amounts of different ponies available for sale it is best to view as many as you can and get a feel of what is available on the market that suits your budget. It is important to stick to what you are looking for and not be tempted to go over budget on a pony that may have huge ability but could have a tendency to be naughty. Unless the correct help and schooling is at hand don't over face your child with a pony that is too much for a young novice rider as you will end up selling the pony for a much lesser price than you paid for it.